funny i heard this on wwe.

Girls like you are a dime a dozen you came from nothing and you are nothing, see you have been so alone your entire life that when someone pays you a little attention and you glob onto them and make them your entire world, and where does that leave you? at the end of the day you’re back all by yourself all alone. desperate. pathetic.and every time someone disappoints you, you lose a piece of your pride, and now you’re nothing more then a shell of a woman, seen girls like you all my life your all the same. sad. weak. pathetic. 


If you feed enough flies colored food, they poop art.

Now this shit is cool

A odd twist has shifted nonos universe, something of an unforeseen nature, something grand and complex but also small and simple.

God damnit i just want to Fuck the shit out of you

“i would Fuck that whore, i would Fuck the shit out of that whore”
“two wrongs and your both wrong, two wrongs and double wrong”
“Ha, women who needs’em i sure don’t, might as well be gay”
I love the pink around its edges

I love the pink around its edges